ENGINE STARTER SWITCH: Press Switch to Start Engine. When the Engine is Off the Switch Flashes for Theft Prevention. Switch Button Lights Up.
Standard size: ES-W (White illuminaion), ES-L (Blue Illuminaiton) ¥8,900
Small size: ESS-W (White illuminaion), ESS-L(Blue Illuminaiton) ¥8,900
1. Key Switch ON   2. Press Switch to Start Engine *Can be used in conjunction with starting by key.

*Wiring method available that allowes you to start only by the installed switch.

Press Switch to Start Engine

Starting the engine can be done with the push type starter after the key has been put into the ON position. (this does not apply to standard push type starters)

Image of flashing pattern

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New Random Flashing Light means Increased Theft Prevention

When engine is stopped, the random flashing light of the switch button brings about a greater threat than one which blinks at a set interval and hence better prevention.

Blue illumination type; ES/ESS-L, White illumination type; ES/ESS-W

Switch Button Lights Up

While the engine is on the switch button remains lit, and so it is easy to find when the engine is off the switch flashes.

[Example of place for installation] Cigarette Lighter, Blanking Cover, Driver's Seat Panel

Easy installation without worrying about place and position

By making a hole for the switch button, it can be installed in places such as shown below.
(A drill is necessary for making the hole)

Standard Size, ES series (22 mm hole), Small Size, ESS series (16 mm hole),

Switch Size

There are two types of size.

Standard Size, ES series Cigarette Lighter, Panel, Large Blanking Cover, etc...
Small Size, ESS series Small Blanking Cover, etc...

Switch size list download
Basic Wiring (direct wiring)Wiring Method used with Special Harness

Easy installation using coupling harness

By purchasing a specialized harness for the Turbo Timer it is possible to install simply by connecting the coupler.
(Wiring may be necessary for some types of harnesses)
*If you wish to use only the installed switch to start the car, cut the ST wire. (For details, see user's manual)

To get a compatible harness, please contact a supplier or maker of such harnesses. (PIVOT does not sell or supply special harnesses for the Turbo Timer.)

Can be used

Possible to use together with remote control starter and turbo timer.