It seems like some customers modify the internal mechanism of our product in using, but it has very dangerous risk like followings, so do not modify the product.
In addition, please note that our company do not have any responsibility for the damage of using it and the product warranties do not extend to it.

Prohibited matter

  • Internal decomposition of all products
  • Changing of lighting components for all products
  • Modifying and changing of all internal parts
  • Specification changing of supplied cable or others
  • Coloring of unit case or any other parts

Expected issues

  • Fire accident (due to short circuit and abnormal temperature rise)
  • Product damage (same as above)
  • Failure of the vehicle side (damage of a part of the vehicle side and ECU, trouble of various control)
  • Traffic accident (related to the same as above and dazzling state by the light source changing)
  • Each component damage (deformed or damaged by erosion, re-modifying and paint)

Please stop the modifying before bringing serious accident. We will do our best for manufacturing the product to suit the demands of our customers as much as possible.