Reliable performance of specialized for BMW N20 Engines.

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For BMW N20 Engine


Compatibility List

Model Name Model Year Model Type Engine Type
220i(F22) from H26.2 1J20 N20B20B
320i(F30) from H24.4 3B20 N20B20B
320i(F31) from H25.8 3B20 N20B20B
320i(F34) from H25.6 3X20 N20B20B
420i(F36) from H26.1 4A20 N20B20B
523i(F10) from H23.10 XG20 N20B20B
Z4·20i(E89) from H23.10 LL20 N20B20A
X1·20i(E84) from H23.10 VL/VM20 N20B20A



Because Power Drive (PDX-B1) is a control system based on results from actual testing of BMW-N20 engines, you are ensured real power that suits your needs.

Performance Boost

Power Drive gives you performance boost ; maximum 1.48 seconds reducing at 0-100km/h time, power increase about 60 ps and torque up 5.8kgm on our measured results.

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0-100km/h Acceleration Test Results
0-100km/h Acceleration Time
Car Model Engine NORMAL
Z4 (E89) N20B20A 7.57 6.09 1.48
320i (F30) N20B20B 7.83 6.41 1.42
420i (F36) N20B20B 7.86 6.45 1.41
523i (F10) N20B20B 8.15 6.76 1.39
X1·20i (E84) N20B20A 8.35 6.94 1.41
Level Adjustment

The boost pressure can be adjusted in 9 steps of 10% from normal to up to 1.9 times normal to meet your needs whether driving in the city or racing.

Relation of Dial Numbers and Boost Pressure
PDX-B1 Relation of Dial Numbers and Boost Pressure
Car Model Peak Boost of Each Level (kPa)
0(Normal) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
320i 60 72 79 84 89 95 100 104 108 112
420i 58 64 70 76 81 86 89 92 95 98
523i 75 88 89 90 91 92 95 98 101 105
Z4 80 97 100 102 105 108 112 116 121 126
X1 78 87 92 96 100 104 107 110 114 118

Note : The results shown here are from actual tests carried out by PIVOT and may differ from other car type and conditions.

Power Boost with Safety Range

Besides offering boost up within your cars fuel control range and adjusting for boost during startup and low water temperature, if the product should fail it will automatically return to normal boost levels to ensure safety while driving.

Simple Coupler Connection

Simple coupler connection within the engine room means easy trouble-free installation.

Waterproof Drainage Design

The circuit board is protected by a double layer waterproof coating and the sealed case is designed to drain away water and protect from high pressure water and condensation; ensuring long worry-free usage.

Easy Installation with Thin Compact Unit

Thin Compact unit Installation is made easy by fixing the unit with double-sided tape or zip ties. Note : Do not install in areas prone to strong engine vibration or extreme heat.

No Repair or Inspection Necessary

As this product makes no alterations to the DME (engine computer), it has no impact on inspection, repair or DME version upgrades.


PDX-B1 Wiring


Unit (unit : mm)

Unit 90×70×20mm


  1. 1. Before purchasing make sure to check the Compatibility List.
  2. 2. This product can not be installed in cars which use the different DME (engine computer) from the standard or use a sub-computer.
  3. 3. This product can be installed with 3-drive series.
  4. 4. Cannot be displayed exact value on Boost meter using Diagnostic Monitoring Connector.
  5. 5. Please carefully read the User's manual and carry out all operations with the utmost in safety.