General FAQs

General FAQs; 3-drive · FLAT & COMPACT

Can I install to the non-compatible vehicles?

3-drive series is designed for electronic throttle vehicles. It can not be installed to wire throttle vehicles.
Compatibility list of 3-drive · FLAT(THF2)(in Japanese)
Compatibility list of 3-drive · COMPACT(THC)(in Japanese)

What kind of increase in fuel efficiency can I expect when using ECO Mode?

ECO Mode helps to improve fuel efficiency by controlling unnecessary acceleration during take off and when stepping on the pedal; thereby reducing the unnecessary use of fuel. Results from our tests, as seen below, show an average increase in fuel efficiency of about 15% between Normal and ECO modes.

Why does fuel efficiency improve when using ECO Mode?

There are two ways in which ECO Mode results in improved fuel efficiency.
1. Slowing down acceleration response. 2. Prevent unnecessary acceleration.
Not only is a great deal of fuel consumption occurs from the time of take off to acceleration, but also, fuel efficiency depends greatly upon how one drives in the city or in traffic jams where one is continually starting and stopping. Of course the best way to drive in these situations is ECO-driving. The problem is that to do this well takes not only great awareness about how to drive, but also takes a great amount of care to operate the accelerator by following some type of monitor display. However by using the 3-DRIVE's "ECO Mode" one can press down on the accelerator pedal as one would normally but the throttle will be opened to a lesser degree resulting in better control of unnecessary rapid acceleration. The result is "Eco-driving" without the driver having to think about it and moreover savings in fuel and money.

Can I wire for power to come from either 12V or IGN?

It is possible to wire to either 12V or IGN (12V with key ON). If you wish to use the same mode each time you start up your engine you should wire to 12V; if you wish to safely start each time in Normal Mode you should wire to IGN. (In case of 3-drive · FLAT)
IGN wiring can be done to ACC as well.

Is it necessary to wire to reverse?

Acceleration in reverse is stronger than first gear of moving forward, so the same accelerator operation will result in more speed. For that reason we have designed the product not to greatly accelerate if the pressing down on the pedal is light; therefore we feel under normal conditions it is not necessary.
However, if your car is frequently used by other people or you are worried about quick acceleration in reverse, then we suggest that you wire to reverse so when backing up you will return to Normal Mode.
Also, by wiring to IGN for power, each time the engine is started will return you to Normal Mode.

I can't disconnect the accelerator connector, what should I do?

When disconnecting the accelerator connector make sure to thoroughly press down on the hook and pull strongly to pull it apart. Please make sure to read the User's Guide that comes with the specialized harness. If it is difficult to disconnect, it may be easier to remove the accelerator pedal to carry out the installation.
However make sure not to strongly pull on the cable, it may result in the cable breaking.

What settings should I make for each mode?

The desired settings for each mode will vary depending on the power or your car, whether it is manual or automatic transmission and other personal variables.
It may be helpful to think of the settings to be like the volume settings on your stereo; depending on your current running conditions you may feel the need to change them to match your needs.

Are seven steps in Sports Mode really necessary?

SP1-3, changes the degree of acceleration to 30% giving the same linearly connected feeling as a wire throttle, was designed to meet most users' needs. SP4-7 provides the same type of quick response available from high throttle tuning and was designed higher performance in sports driving conditions.
>>3-drive · FLAT Overview of Change Characteristics (PDF file)
>>3-drive · COMPACT Overview of Change Characteristics (PDF file)

What settings should I make for racing?

This depends on the type of race, car, road and driver. Below are details for one team. Note that surprisingly ECO-mode (a different name for competition cars) is chosen for accelerator operation to enhance gripping and reduce time.