See power performance even when over the Speed Limit.

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Speed Meter

Maximum 350 km/h; Highly Accurate Display in Units of 1 km/h.

Speed Limiter Remover Function

Remove 180 km/h (140 km/h for Light Cars) Speed Limiter.

*This product is for use only when driving on circuit courses and is not for use on public roads.

Auto Measurement for 0-400 Meters

Auto Measurement of Acceleration Time for Set Distance. (Distance Setting Choices: 100, 200, 300, 400m)


Accurate 0.01 unit display of acceleration during both forward progression and braking helps you understand changes in torque and brake performance.

Skeleton Black Case

The Display shines through the skeleton black case.

Compatible with wide range of car models

From Light Cars to Sports Cars. *For details, see the List of Compatible Car Models.

Compact Design

The product's compact one piece body allows for easy installation without worrying about place and position.


SML-V Basic wiring
  • Compatible Car Models = DC 12V vehicles
  • * Wiring to Disable Speed Limiter.


Unit (Unit : mm)

Unit 51×35×22mm

Sold Separately

MH Monitor Holder


Monitor Holder

Easy installation for monitors.No trouble even on curved surfaces. (Ex: on the steering column cover or dashboard, etc.)

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  1. 1. If you are worried about carrying out wiring or other installation procedures please consult your dealer.
  2. 2. Speed Limiter Remover Function is for use only when driving on circuit courses and is not for use on public roads.
  3. 3. Some of car models can not remove the speed limit. Please check on Compatibility list.

Discontinued Products

SML-VL Display color : blue


Display color : Blue

Display Color Blue