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Throttle Controller with Built-in MT Auto-Blipping Function

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Actual size pattern paper

Please use in consideration of the mounting location.

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BLP Actual size pattern paper


What is Auto-Blipping?

Auto-Blipping removes the need for the conventional"heel and toe"technique used to raise rpms with the accelerator while braking at the same time in an attempt to prevent slipping and turbulent motion caused by rapid downshifts when sports driving in manual transmission model cars. This allows the driver to concentrate more on braking which in turn results in a more accurate and smoother deceleration. Operation is safe as the Auto-Blipping function does not operate when accelerating without braking or when a set speed has not been reached.(Patent pending)

Example of Operation during Downshifting

[Heel & Toe]

Heel & Toe image

To avoid slipping it is necessary to use the specialized heel and toe blipping technique.

[With Auto-Blipping]

Auto-Blipping image

Blipping occurs automatically so it is possible to concentrate on braking.

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Adjust to Most Suitable Blipping

When using blipping to raise the engine's rpms, it is possible to fine tune the settings for degree of acceleration, time length of operation and the speed at which blipping starts; making the perfect match for your car model and driving conditions.

Easy Operation

After starting the engine, simply press the Auto-Blipping switch to ON and Auto-Blipping will engage after having reached the set speed when the clutch is depressed while stepping on the brake.

Throttle Controller for Best Response to Match Driving Style and Conditions

The controller has three modes to match your driving style and conditions whether driving for sport, driving slippery roads or driving with gas efficiency in mind: Normal Mode for regular response, Sports Mode with 7 steps for a quicker response, and ECO Mode with 3 steps for a slower response. The choice is yours.

Performance data of Throttle Controller
Performance data of Throttle Controller


BLP Basic wiring

Wiring Place Of Each Harness

Specialized Harness…Wire to accelerator pedal

Brake Harness…Wire to brake switch pedal

  • *As this product is designed for MT model cars the is no need to wire to reverse.


Controller / Unit (Unit : mm)

Controller size 78×22×14mm / Unit size 70×50×22mm

Sold Separately

TH Specialized Harness


Specialized Harness

BR Brake Harness


Brake Harness

Not necessary if wiring directly.

Compatibility list

MTC MT Clutch Harness


MT Clutch Harness

Not necessary if wiring directly.

Compatibility list


  1. 1. This product is designed only for electronic throttle car models.
  2. 2. Before purchasing make sure to check the "Compatibility list".
  3. 3. Make sure to use the 3-drive harness.
  4. 4. Please carefully read the "User's manual" and carry out all operations with the utmost in safety.
  5. 5. Make sure to carry out "Initial Settings" before using the product.
  6. 6. If the standard brake light bulb has been replaced by a non-standard LED bulb and the AUTO BLIPPING function does not work properly, please re-insert a standard bulb.
  7. 7. Do not remodeling this product. It may cause damage not only to the product, but to the car and the operation of the car in which it is installed.