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FAQs > Compatible Car Models
Can I install it in car models other than for which it is compatible?

The 3-drive · α is specifically designed for electronic throttle model cars. Do not install in wire type throttle model cars or in any type other non-compatible type model car.
Fitting List (in Japanese)

Can the product be installed in a manual transmission model car?

It is possible to install in any model that uses the "MT Model Clutch Adapter" as found in the MT Fitting List.
Fitting List (in Japanese)

Can the product be installed in cars which have a manufacturer's AUTO CRUISE system already installed?

No, it cannot be installed in a car which already has an AUTO CRUISE system. Installing two different systems in one car may cause the AUTO CRUISE functions to not operate properly.

In the Fitting List, the [brake harness product number] is listed as "BR-1/2", what does that mean?

Check the connector in the car to which the product is being installed against the "shape of the brake connector" found in the diagram on the Fitting List; make sure to use a brake harness which matches the designated configuration.

The Fitting List states "Please use in conjunction with a Speed Pulse Adapter", is it necessary that I use this?

Yes, it is necessary. If the adapter is not connected at the specified place shown in the "Wiring List" the AUTO CRUISE function will not operate properly.

FAQs > Wiring
Is wiring easy?

Although the 3-drive has been designed for easy installation with a simple coupler connection, the wiring for the part of the 3-drive · AC requires some specialized knowledge. If you are unsure about the installation process please consult your local dealer.

After installing in this product will it pass inspection and will it still meet standards for repair by my car dealer?

After consulting with the concerned authorities (Japanese MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), Japanese National Department of Motor Vehicles, various car dealers and insurance companies) the product poses no safety concerns and hence no problem concerning safety inspections or repairs.

Is it possible to use the 3-drive harness that I am already using?

Yes, the 3-drive harness is compatible and can be used as is.

Can I use harnesses or parts manufactured by other companies?

No, do not use in conjunction with harness products or parts from other companies; we can not in any manner whatsoever guarantee the operation of our product with another companies product.

Should I wire to "reverse"?

Usually when using reverse, the degree of acceleration is at most about 10 to 15%; meaning that even in SP7 mode hardly any change would occur in this range. Hence it is not necessary to wire to reverse, but if you are still concerned please carry out the wiring.

Is it possible to connect to a different location for power to the brake?

If the brake fuse burns out Auto-Cruise will automatically be deactivated and if the power goes OFF the unit will go into NORMAL mode, therefore please make sure to wire as directed.

Is it a nuisance and difficult to wire to the brake?

We offer a separate product [Specialized Brake Harness] for easy on coupler connection. Before purchasing make sure to check the product number for your model in the list of Harness by Car Model.
Fitting List (in Japanese)

Can I check the wiring without a voltage tester?

We have provided a simple voltage tester with the product, please use this if you have no other tester available.

FAQs > Installation and Settings
Can I install the SET Switch to the wiper lever?

We offer a spacer (sold separately) for such lever installations. It can only be used with round shaped levers and because there are several sizes make sure to measure the diameter before purchasing.
Click here for more information about Lever Spacer.

Where is the best place to install the product?

Please install it in a place that is in easy view for the driver.

Can I install it in car models other than for which it is compatible?

It can not be installed in manual transmission cars nor in any models for which it was not designed. We will be offering an adaptor for MT models in the very near future.

Can I use a switch other than the SET Switch that comes with the product?

For safety purposes, do NOT use any other switch other than the one provided.

What settings need to be made?

There are two types of simple settings which need to be made. First, you should make the [Initial Settings] which set the car accelerator characteristics into the controller unit. Second, the [Speed Pulse Settings] for setting the car's speed characteristics must be made.

If I disconnect the battery or the wiring, so I need to carry out the initial settings again?

No, it is not necessary; once the [Initial Settings] are made those settings are saved for that car.

How can I mount the product on the dashboard where it would be easy to see?

We have provided a "Mounting Stay" with the product. This makes it easy to install the unit onto a flat or slanted dashboard for easy viewing. Please use this if necessary.

The engine has been turned OFF but the display remain on.

The 3-drive · AC is interlocked with the ECU (engine computer) power. Depending on the model of car, the display may remain on for up to 15 minutes even after the engine has been turned off; this is normal.

What is the range of speed in which Auto-Cruise can be set?

For safety purposes, the range for all car models is from 30 to 140 km/hr (some standard speedometers may read 35 to 145).

Is it possible to use the accelerator while in Auto-Cruise?

Yes, by pressing down on the pedal the car will accelerate, but after taking your foot off it will return to the set speed and run in Auto-Cruise.

How can I redo the Auto-Cruise speed setting?

After deactivating Auto-Cruise, it is possible to reset using the SET Switch.

While in Auto-Cruise is it possible to manually change the acceleration and deceleration?

While in Auto-Cruise, acceleration can be done by pressing down on the accelerator and deceleration can be done any pressing on the brake.

How can I deactivate Auto-Cruise?

As with standard Auto-Cruise controlled cars, you can deactivate by "stepping on the brake", "pressing the SET Switch", "pressing the AC or MODE switch", "decelerate to 20 km/hr or more under set speed", "decelerate to less than 15 km/hr" or "by way of some safety system mechanism".

What are the usual differences in set speed with actual speed?

There will be differences depending on your model car, driving conditions and level settings but the average under normal conditions should be about 1 km/hr. ※Not including initial setting, hill climbing and descent.

Under the Auto-Cruise settings, what is meant by the Adjusting the Auto-Cruise Level?

Depending on the size of your car's engine the amount of time it takes to return to the set cruising speed after a hill climb or other such condition will differ. By adjusting the level it is possible to change the amount of time for returning to the set cruising speed to be faster or slower to match your car's performance and desired ride.

There is a clicking noise when setting Auto-Cruise, what is it?

If you set under Normal Mode you will hear a noise from the relay working; it is a normal characteristic. If this bothers you, please set in a mode close to normal such as in SP1 or Ec 1.

Are there times or places where I should not use Auto-Cruise?

For safety reasons, do not use under slippery conditions (rain, ice, snow, etc...), around sudden curves or sudden hills, or in heavy traffic.

FAQs > Throttle Controller
What kind of increase in fuel efficiency can I expect when using ECO Mode?

ECO Mode is a feature that helps to control sudden increases in acceleration. This in turn help to improve eco-driving. In our tests we have consistently had improved results in fuel efficiency. However, even under ECO Mode, if rapid acceleration is carried out, fuel efficiency will be not be improved.

Is Sports Mode good for when I want to drive fast?

When traction is necessary for faster driving, depending on road and tire conditions, it may sometimes be better to run in ECO Mode to prevent slips.

Can I actually feel results?

es, quicker response can surely be felt.

Do all gear shifting points change in each mode?

n Sports Mode all shifting points change to a higher rpm, in ECO Mode the change toward a lower point; each for better driving results.

FAQs > Safety
Does the product sometimes make the car automatically accelerate?

The product is designed to return to normal conditions if an electrical short occurs or there is a failure in the product. Under no conditions will the car accelerate automatically. Please use with this in mind.

How can I turn the Auto-Cruise function OFF?

By turning Auto-Cruise Mode to OFF, the SET Switch will become deactivated.