3-drive · PRO

No OBD Connection Necessary!
Low-Profile Controller provides Genuine-Style Installation Compatible with Collision Mitigation System and Euro Car

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N-BOX install image


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3DP product image
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3-drive · PRO


Specialized Harness is sold separately.

Actual size pattern paper

Please use in consideration of the mounting location.

Download (PDF in Japanese)
3DP Actual size pattern paper

Titile : Driver

Installing the Specialized Harness

3-drive · PRO PV


Easy Connection to Accelerator Connector

Simplified wiring prevents signal malfunctions caused by decreased voltage due to low-current circuitry.

Use with OBD Connected Products OK

With no need for a power connection to the OBD, it is possible to use other OBD connected products without a splitter connection.

Compact Controller Provides Genuine-Style Installation

The compact, thin, square design with accentuated edge allows for installation in any number of places without that added-on look.

17 Step / 4 Mode Wide-Range Adjustment

The four modes include: “POWER” mode with 7 steps for increasing response across all ranges, “RESPONSE” mode with 5 steps for increasing response, like a wire throttle, in the lower and middle ranges, “ECO” mode with 5 steps for suppressing rapid acceleration to help increase gas mileage, and “NORMAL” mode for regular driving.

17 Step / 4 Mode Wide-Range Adjustment
High Precision Accelerator Opening Monitor

The highly precise monitoring displays accelerator opening in units of 1% from 5 to 100%.

Accelerator Opening Monitor
Optimized Control for Smooth Ride

Throttle control at all levels has been optimized to provide a silky smooth ride.

Also Compatible with Collision Mitigation System and Euro Car

This controller can be used in not only euro car, but also, those equipped with collision mitigation systems.

Set To Prevent Malfunction

The initialization style set-up makes sure that malfunction will never occur no matter what type of pedal is being used.

Safety System for Extra Peace of Mind

The safety system which automatically returns to “NORMAL” mode upon poor connection or trouble ensures your safety.

Change Characteristics

Performance data of Throttle Controller
3-drive · PRO Change Characteristics


3DP Basic wiring


Controller / Unit (Unit : mm)

Controller size 65×26×13.5mm / Unit size 70×50×22mm

Sold Separately

TH Specialized Harness


Specialized Harness


  1. 1. This product is designed only for electronic throttle car models.
  2. 2. Before purchasing make sure to check the "Compatibility list".
  3. 3. Make sure to use the 3-drive harness.
  4. 4. Please carefully read the "User's manual" and carry out all operations with the utmost in safety.
  5. 5. Make sure to carry out "Initial Settings" before using the product.
  6. 6. Do not remodeling this product. It may cause damage not only to the product, but to the car and the operation of the car in which it is installed.