Notice of Fake Products

Recently there has been an abundance of imitation PIVOT products on the market in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. They are using the PIVOT name and trademark without license therefore PIVOT cannot and will not accept any claim to refund or replacement on any purchase of said fake products.

Please note that after taking apart and inspecting some of these products PIVOT has confirmed that the quality is quite low and may indeed cause damage or even fire. We please ask that all customers please check the PIVOT website for more details about fake goods or contact a licensed dealer near you.

Moreover, at present PIVOT is collecting evidence about the imitation goods and is planning to take strong legal action against all parties involved. We have changed boxes and products to improved one that includes a seal to help distinguish and prevent counterfeit merchandise.

Note : Please send details with the picture of the product and box to the address below if you have a doubt and want to distinguish. (Attached image file should be less than 500KB/each)

e-mail :