CHRONOSTEP Discontinued Product

Chronometric Display + Stepping Motor = Perfection





CHRONOSTEP front face

CHRONOSTEP illumination

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CSG front face

CHRONOSTEP Discontinued Product



with Shift Lamp
ø80 Tachometer
White illumintation


  • Note: Wiring method depends on each car models, please make sure to check "Wiring Chart Rotation Signal (in Japanese)".

Size Unit: mm

CSG Size ø80



From the 1920s to the 1960s racing cars around the world used a chronometric tachometer. We have reproduced that sleek styling with a modern stepping motor to bring you a tachometer that can easily switch to real display.

Chronometric Display

To the clock-like design of yesteryear we have added a stepping motor that allows for a peak hold of about 0.5 seconds.

Switch display between Cronometric and Real Display

Engine rotation display can change easily between Chrono metric and real display.

Nostalgic Design

Reprint the nostalgic design of the 1960s.

Sequential Shift Lamp

Includes an easy-to-read shift lamp that comes on 1000 rpm before the set shift point.

Compatible with wide range

Compatible with any 12V 1 to 8 cylinder gasoline models and some diesel models as well.

Translucent Illumination

The translucent LED system provides a clear display of dial and needle even at night.

Peak Value Display

This enables easy viewing of peak value of RPM after engine start.

Shift Lamp
(Setting range; 3000 - 9000 rpm, 200 rpm unit)

Shows the peak reading after the engine begins running In order to prevent over-revving while shifting, an F-1 sequential type shift has been included, which shows a green lamp 1000 rpm before the set engine rpm and a red lamp at the shift point.

The lamp in the middle lights up in green 1000 rpm before the set engine rpm and the lamps to the left and right blink red at the shift point.

Sold Separately

PH Pillar Holderー


Pillar Holder

Two dimensional adjustment for improved viewing.

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