Multi Gauge X2 for BMW MINI R56 R55 COOPER S; X2M-C ¥26,800Multi-display in easy-to install Package! Announcing for BMW MINI R55 R56 COOPER S.

With our X2M-C multi-gauge, just by connecting to the diagnostic monitoring connector, the MINI specialized CAN communication can be analyzed and three types of data can be displayed. (Not for use with incompatible models)

X2M-C details; BOOST & WATER TEMP, Same Standard Orange Illumination, Meter food for BMW MINI

Same Standard Orange Illumination

X2M-C illumination

2 in 1 display
Water Temperature 95 °C ⁄ Boost 70 Kpa

Coupler connection
No need for hassling with pipes and wires


Standard orange lamp provides an eye-pleasing sleekness.

2 in 1 Display

With just one unit switch between two displays: Boost and Water Temperature.

No need for hassling with pipes and wires

Coupler connection to the diagnostic monitoring connector for easy-installation.
*It is necessary to connect the power source to the Fuse Box.

Peak Hold Function

Save and display peak reading.
Please read the following before purchasing

•This product connects to the diagnostic monitoring connector and can not be used in conjunction with other products. (Except for 3-DRIVE)
•The display will not work properly and hence is incompatible if either of the following is the case:
1. The ECU is different from the standard for that model.
2. If a sub-computer is being used.
•Due to the ECU information received, the displayed values on this product may differ from those of standard or other meters.