3-drive · AC Discontinued Product

Higher Performance Response and Auto-Cruise Control.

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3-drive · AC Discontinued Product


Specialized Harness is sold separately.


For BMW&MINI With Specialized Harness.

Actual size pattern paper

Please use in consideration of the mounting location.

Download (PDF in Japanese)
THA Actual size pattern paper


Basic Features

3-drive · AC is our newly designed throttle controller for adjusting response in all types of driving from Sports to Eco-driving; now featuring an Auto-Cruise function.

This compact all-in-one body makes it possible to install in out of the way places such as storage box or near the steering wheel.
Micro-computer control means less noise and less heat.
Stable balanced control is possible by running the “Initial Settings” program after having finished installation; this will help reduce troubles caused by voltage differences found in each car model.
System designed to give priority to safety even in times of trouble.
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3-drive enables both the “raising” and “lowering” of response to acceleration in electronic throttle car models, giving the driver control over acceleration response for both sports driving and eco-driving.

12-Step Adjustment

A wide variety of possible adjustments to meet you need; 7 for Sports and 5 for Eco.

Acceleration Monitor

Open times of the accelerator (amount of depressing) are displayed and it is convenient for the eco-driving etc.

Performance data of Throttle Controller
Performance data of Throttle Controller


Auto-Cruise allows you to set the most suitable speed to cruise at while driving; resulting in superior fuel-efficiency. (Approx. 30 to 140 km/h)
Stable Speed Control

Our exclusively designed system lessens quick changes in speed; bringing you automatic cruise control with even more comfort.

User-Friendly Switch for Smooth Operation

The separate switch allows for easy one-handed operation and installs almost anywhere with double-sided tape.

Deactivating Operation

Stepping on the brake while Auto-Cruise is activated will deactivate its operation and return to normal driving mode. Auto-Cruise will also be deactivated when the Set switch is pressed, if the brake fuse burns out, or if the speed is much lower than the set speed.

Prevent Abnormal Acceleration

Our safety design uses a microcomputer to monitor two kinds of output signal and if an abnormality is sensed will return to normal driving mode to prevent abnormal acceleration.

Performance data of AUTO CRUISE
Performance data of AUTO CRUISE

New model Lever Spacer

You can operate Auto-Cruise by wiper lever with separately sold Lever Spacer (LSA).

Lever Spacer LSA


[Set of 17, 26, 28 and 32mm]

Changes from old product
1. From one spacer to set of four spacers
2. Thinner 2mm than old product
3. Added 17mm spacer for Honda

Installing example
Representative examples of Lever spacer corresponding by car
Maker Car name (Japanese model) Lever diameter
TOYOTA 1 Allion, Alphard (20 series), ist, Vanguard, Wish (20 series), Vitz (130 series), Estima (50 series), Corolla Axio Fielder, Noah (70 series), Prius (30 series), Mark X Gio 28mm
TOYOTA 2 Hiace (200 series) 26mm
NISSAN 1 Elgrand (E52), juke, Skyline (V36), Dualis, March (K13) with intermittent adjustment function 26mm
NISSAN 2 X-TRAIL, caravan, cube, Serena (C25), Teana, Tiida, notebook, March (K12) 32mm
HONDA 1 Fit with intermittent adjustment function, Odyssey, Civic, Step Wagon, Stream, Freed 17mm
HONDA 2 Fit without intermittent adjustment function 32mm
MAZDA 1 Verisa, CX-7, MPV, RX-8 28mm
MAZDA 2 Demio 32mm
MITSUBISHI Outlander, Galant Fortis, Colt, Delica D: 5 32mm
SUBARU EXIGA, Forester (SH5), Legacy (BL / BP) 32mm
SUZUKI Swift (ZC71S), palette, Wagon R (MH23S) 26mm
MINI Included in THA-BM
BMW Unnecessary because the lever is flat
  • *1 Models other than the above, measure the diameter of the lever before purchase.
  • *2 If mounting surface is close to the flat (such as BMW), the Lever Spacer is not required.
  • *3 It can not be attached to the lever diameter other than 17,26,28,32mm.


THA Basic Wiring
  • *2 By wiring to reverse, it is possible when in SPORTS Mode to automatically switch to NORMAL Mode when the gear is put into Reverse.
  • *3 This product is designed only for electronic throttle car models.


Controller / Switch (Unit : mm)

Controller 60x22x55mm / Switch 22x10mm

Sold Separately

TH Specialized Harness


Specialized Harness

BR Brake Harness


Brake Harness

Not necessary if wiring directly.

Compatibility list

LSA Lever Spacer Set


Lever Spacer Set

Spacer for fastening the SET Switch to the wiper lever (4-type set for levers with diameter of 17, 26, 28, 32 mm).

MTC MT Clutch Harness


MT Clutch Harness

Not necessary if wiring directly.

Compatibility list

THA-MA MT Clutch Adaptor


MT Clutch Adaptor

Deactivate Auto-Cruise from the clutch. (Only where necessary)

Compatibility list

THC-EC Extension Cable


Extension Cable

Extension Cable between the Specialized Harness and the Main Unit.

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  1. 1. This product is designed only for electronic throttle car models.
  2. 2. Before purchasing make sure to check the "Compatibility list".
  3. 3. This product can not be installed in car models which come with standard auto-cruise control.
  4. 4. Make sure to use the 3-drive harness.
  5. 5. Please carefully read the "User's manual" and carry out all operations with the utmost in safety.
  6. 6. Make sure to carry out "Initial Settings" before using the product.
  7. 7. If the standard brake light bulb has been replaced by a non-standard LED bulb and the AUTO CRUISE function does not work properly, please re-insert a standard bulb.
  8. 8. Do not remodeling this product. It may cause damage not only to the product, but to the car and the operation of the car in which it is installed.