SECURITY AUTO TIMER *Discontinued Product
Auto Turbo Timer with built-in Security System
• AUTO SET = After Starting Engine: 5 - 15 minutes (30 seconds), 15 - 30 (1 minute), 30 - 45 (2 minutes), 45 minutes or more (3 minutes)
• MANUAL SET = 30 seconds, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 15 minutes (30 seconds is L and 15 minutes is H in display)
• Count Down = 1 - 9 minutes in units of 1-minute
• Safety System = Handbrake Detection with Remote Output Terminal
• For use with DC12V
SAT ¥5,800

≫ Manual (PDF)
Cautionary Blinking
The Blue LED blinks for watch when engine is OFF. But upon perception of a bump against windows or car body changes to an intimidating highly luminous high-speed blink.
Rain etc. does not react to continuous shock vibration and no dead battery worries.
Watch blink and all security functions can also be turned off.

Auto Setting of idling time in accordance to running time.
Auto Time Setting
COUNT DOWN The remaining time is displayed.
MANUAL SET Set the desired idling time.
A/C TIMER Locks the doors for both turbo and NA vehicles, as well as, runs the air-conditioner for a fixed time to create a comfortable temperature inside your car. (Maximum of 15 minutes set is possible.)
The high capacity 360W 2-circuit relay makes sure the engine is turned off.
COMPACT The 21mm-thin compact design allows for attachment to a wide variety of places.
Size 86x21x55 mm