Voltage Stabilizer "Mega RAIZIN" VS-M ¥12,800

Discontinued Product

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Premium Model born through a History of Trust. Introducing the latest and most advanced member in the RAIZIN family of products, our premium model Mega-RAIZIN, or Purple RAIZIN, born into a lineup which since 2003 has won praise from the world over for its quality and proven performance enhancement.

Voltage Stabilizer.

By increasing the capacity of the condenser three-fold (compared to Blue RAIZIN), and decreasing both circuitry noise and high frequency impedance the results have been a more stable supply of voltage to all electronic devices, better gas mileage, and improved torque and audio quality.

Mega RAIZIN condencer

A World's First: View Battery Performance via Lowest Voltage Display.

Displaying two types of voltage, both real and Lowest Voltage (world first) at engine start makes it easy to see battery life and loss in battery performance. This also helps to protect against trouble caused by shortages in voltage to various electronic devices.

Mega RAIZIN voltage display

♦Display Method♦
After the engine has been started, the display will intermittently display the lowest voltage at engine start and the real voltage.
To prevent the battery from dying, the display will turn off after running for one minute.

Engine start --- Display lowest voltage --- Display real voltage
♦Judgment Method♦
With a new battery or near new battery check the lowest voltage at engine start, if the voltage is reduced by a given amount it is quite possible there is a loss in battery performance and the battery should be checked.
Mega RAIZIN basic wiring diagram

(Wiring) Wire each cable from the main unit to the battery's + and - terminal.
(Fixing) Fasten the main unit to the battery or other place with double-sided tape.

Safety Features

1. Dual fuses prevent any possible accidents
2. Waterproof coating
3. Heat resistant (to 125°C) case.


About Improved Performance; Installation of this product will lead to improvement in electrical aspects of your automobile but due to actual car and driving conditions these improvements may be negligible or in some cases no change will occur.
About Judging Battery Life; Depending on the characteristics of the battery itself even a small change in the lowest voltage reading may signal the end of a battery's life.