Notice of Fake RAIZIN

It has come to our knowledge that fake RAIZINs are widely distributed in the South East Asia regions especially in Singapore, and we are also concerned that these imitations are being distributed via online auctions. We will take legal action against wholesalers and retailers of these imitation goods.

Attention 1: The fake goods have poor quality that could lead to car malfunction.
Attention 2: The fake goods are not guaranteed at all. No claims and returns are accepted.
Attention 3: We may claim the shipping charges if imitation items are sent for checking and servicing.

Please purchase the PIVOT products from our authorized dealers to ensure that you get the genuine item.

In order to ensure that our customers do not get deceived, we wish to inform them of the several ways to distinguish the imitation RAIZIN (VS-1/VS-E) from the genuine items are per following pictures.


1. Check the marking on the condensers.

The genuine PIVOT has a "K" marking, while the imitation has a "+" marking.

The genuine PIVOT

genuine 1


imitation 1

2. Check the printing on the fuses.

The genuine PIVOT has a clear "15" print, while the imitation has no clear printing on the fuses.

The genuine PIVOT

genuine 2


imitation 2

3. Check the production lot sticker on the bottom of the box.

The genuine PIVOT have the production lot sticker.

The genuine PIVOT

genuine 3


imitation 3

Please send any imitation related questions or information to PIVOT CORPORATION at