3-drive · LIGHT Discontinued Product

Easy Direct-to-Accelerator Connection. Special Euro-Design model for Audi, VW, BMW and MINI comes with specialized harness.

Audi S3 install image

Audi S3

Audi S3 install image

Audi S3

Audi S3 install image

Audi S3

Audi S3 install image

Audi S3

3DL product image
3DL product image
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3DL product image

3-drive · LIGHT Discontinued Product

3DL-VW / BM¥19,800Specialized harness included

For Audi & VW / BMW & MINI

Actual size pattern paper

Please use in consideration of the mounting location.

Download (PDF in Japanese)
3DL Actual size pattern paper



3-drive · LIGHT function icon
Easy Installation

Simply connect specialized harness cable to accelerator cable and 6-pin connector to Controller.

Low-current Circuitry For Stable Operation

The 7mA circuitry gives stabilized control by preventing trouble from voltage drops.

Adjustable Response To Match Driving

Choose from 5 types of response to fit your driving situation: 2 for ECO Mode and 3 for SPORTS Mode.

3-drive · LIGHT Display
Set To Prevent Malfunction

Making accelerator characteristic settings for each type of model car prevents malfunction and provides high precision control.

Digital Control

Digital control prevents trouble from heat and effects from noise.

Compact All-in-one Body

Compact all-in-one body is simple to install.

Specialized Harness

Includes specialized harness for each type of car model.

Safety Design

Safety design ensures that upon trouble the system will return to normal mode.

Change Characteristics

Examples of Throttle Opening
3-drive · LIGHT Change Characteristics


3DL Basic wiring


Unit (Unit : mm)

Unit size 60×51×20mm

Sold Separately

THC-EC Extension Cable


Extension Cable

Extension Cable between the Specialized Harness and the Main Unit.

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  1. 1. This product is designed only for electronic throttle car models.
  2. 2. Before purchasing make sure to check the "Compatibility list".
  3. 3. Make sure to use the 3-drive harness.
  4. 4. Please carefully read the "User's manual" and carry out all operations with the utmost in safety.
  5. 5. Make sure to carry out "Initial Settings" before using the product.
  6. 6. Do not remodeling this product. It may cause damage not only to the product, but to the car and the operation of the car in which it is installed.