9 Displays for "Eco-Driving"

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Easy-to-grasp support for eco-driving!

Until now, it has generally been thought that eco-driving meant simply driving slowly. But, for real eco-driving or in other words the most effective way to improve mileage and lower costs, we must understand the optimum and efficient use of G's. However, because these G's are very small, below 0.2G, it has been impossible to sense them.
e-drive is a revolutionary product that is capable of measuring small G's below 0.2G accurately, without the use of sensors which can be influenced by vibration, to allow for the rapid calculation of changes in speed. Moreover it allows you to view the optimum G's for efficient consumption at each speed range, so there is no need to rely just on intuition for eco-driving. e-drive makes eco-driving possible without having to drive slow.

Comparing Gasoline Consumption Amounts

Gasoline Cost Differ for 114yen
Gasoline Consumption Differ
for 850cc
Mileage Differ 5.6
(In a 10-kilometer fuel efficiency comparison test)

In a 10-kilometer fuel efficiency comparison test, the uneconomical driving results were 5.6 km per liter and eco-driving came in at 11 km per liter or about two times that of uneconomical driving. That means about a 114 yen savings in gasoline expenditures.
Differences in mileage and gas costs during eco-driving

· Test Car = HONDA ODYSSEY (RB1) 2400cc   · Date = 27.7.2005
· Weather = 30ºC   · Number of times the car stopped = 9 time
· Score of Uneconomical Driving = 22points   · Score of Eco-Driving = 98points

Economy Drive Support Monitor
EDM ¥ 9,800


Power=Insert into cigarette lighter
Signal=Car Speed Signal
*Please follow wiring directions depending on your model of car. It is also possible to take the car speed signal from the cars navigation system.

Functions & Settings

Driving / Driving Monitor=Acceleration calculation derives from speed.
Compatible Car Models=DC12V vehicles (Car speed signal compatible automobiles)
Car Speed Signal=2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 16 pulses, Mileage Unit=0.1km/L~49.9km/L
Price of Gasoline=The decimal point in the numerical value will change depending upon the currency of the country being used. (Units of 1 / 0.1 / 0.01)
Size=20×60×50 (Depth) mm, at half the size of a pack of cigarettes.