Brought to you in One-step Installation A Multi-Monitor designed for Racing
install2 No need for Wiring

About Using OBD2 Products in Combination


For all styles of driving: from Racing to Eco.
A display comes from easy install and selected for driving. RM-7 displays 5 categories information for racing. You can concentrate on driving, because RM-7 does not display useless information. The model which many drivers used habitually added a method of wiring to easy install. From full-scale race like a circuit and a rally to an eco-driving, you can use this device at many fields.

Compatible Car Models   ♦1

Compatible Car Models List of RM-07 (PDF, 219KB)
Please check the details for compatible car models in “Compatible Car Models List” before purchasing.

Shift Lamp Setting Sequential Point Engine Revolution
Water Temp Display
2000 ~ 9900 rpm,
100 rpm unit
First lamp go on at 1000 rpm
before setting, Second lamp
go on at 500 rpm before setting
0 ~ 9900 rpm,
100 rpm unit
-40 ~ 150 °C, 1 °C unit
Speed Display Gear Position Display Lamp Color Size
0 ~ 255 km/h, 1 km/h unit
( For NISSAN car is
2 km/h unit )
Digital display for all gears ♦2
( For some models only AT )
Red or Blue 51(W) x 35(H) x 22(D) mm
How to Wire Brightness Adjustment Function
Connect with coupler to
diagnostic monitoring
Shift Lamp comes with brightness
adjustment function

♦1 Note: The display will not work properly and hence is incompatible if either of the following is the case :
1. The ECU is different from the standard for that model     2. If a sub-computer is being used

♦2 In some car models, there is no output of the gear position and hence it can not be displayed. Please check the list of compatible car models before purchasing this unit.

The shift lamp is also on during displays other than RPM.

RM-07R RM-07L
  Lamp Color 7Segment Display = Red
Shift Lamp = Red
  Lamp Color 7Segment Display = Blue
Shift Lamp = Blue
  Price ¥ 19,800 * EOL   Price ¥ 22,800 * EOL