e-ACCEL ALARMDiscontinued Product

Warning Alarm to Help Prevent Accidents Due to Pedal Errors!







Prius 30

Prius 30



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e-ACCEL ALARM Discontinued Product


EAA-Product Number ¥9,800

Please check the Product Number in the Compatibility List.

e-ACCEL ALARM - Promotional Video (YouTube)



Size (Unit : mm)



Speed Range for Alarm Activation: 0-20 km/h
Alarm Volume: 110 db (10 cm)


Quickly Realize Pedal Errors.

Prevent Wrong Starts due to Shifting Errors.

Alarm Helps Prevent Dangers of Pedal Errors

e-ACCEL ALARM will set off a warning alarm anytime your car is stopped or going at a slow speed and, instead of stepping on the brake, the accelerator is stepped on harder than necessary. This warning sound makes it possible to quickly realize your error and as a natural reaction take your foot off the accelerator, increasing the possibility of avoiding sudden acceleration and preventing accidents.

function Data
Perfect for Hybrid Cars

Hybrid models emit very little sound, even when stepping on the accelerator, making it difficult to notice pedal errors. Moreover, acceleration is quick making it difficult to react to mistakes.

Prevent Wrong Starts due to Shifting Errors

Because hybrid engines are so quiet, even when in neutral (N) you may step on the accelerator without noticing. If, while pressing down on the accelerator you, by mistake, put the car into drive (D) it will take off quickly and may cause an accident. Our new alarm can help prevent such accidents.

Shifting Errors
Great for Drivers of All Ages

e-ACCEL ALARM is especially suited for elderly and inexperienced drivers who may not notice changes in engine sounds due to acceleration errors.

Easy to Hear

The sound quality and volume of the alarm are easy to hear even in a noisy car.

Affordable Easy Installation

Simply plug into the OBD II connector near the driver's seat, and affix the main body with double-sided tape. No settings are required. Our product provides a great first step to safety at an affordable price.

About Using OBD2 Products in Combination

Easy Installation


  1. This product is only a pedal error warning alarm. Accidents cannot be prevented if a driver's reaction to the alarm is slow and/or inadequate.
  2. This product has no acceleration suppression or automatic braking function.
  3. PIVOT accepts no responsibility for any accidents or troubles caused by driver error after installing this product.
  4. e-ACCEL is a registered trademark of PIVOT Corporation.