REV COUNTER Discontinued Product

Shift Lamp with high performance digital tachometer for motor sports

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RCX mounted image


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Shift Lamp

Shift lamp lights up when the set rpm is reached.

Ultra bright LED is easy to see even in full daylight.
For night driving select auto low lighting or synchronize with parking lights.
High quality aluminum machined body with swivel neck.
Fanction of low lighting

Digital Tachometer

High precision display for setting shift lamp and viewing rpm.

High precision display of engine rpm up to 9999 in 1 rpm units.
Shift lamp settings can be made in units of 100 rpm.(Setting range; 2000 - 9900 rpm)
View real time and peak engine rpm.
Compact design needs no space.


Alarm sounds at shift point.

Easy Installation

Can be easily installed in some model Toyota and Daihatsu cars directly by connecting to the diagnostics connector. Other models can be connected to the ECU.

Compatible Vehicles

12 V Gasoline Engine Cars (some diesel engine models) For 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinder models.


Basic wiring


Shift Lamp / Controller (Unit : mm)

Shift Lamp size 46×32mm / Controller size 60×50×20mm


  1. 1. This product can not be installed in cars which use the different ECU from the standard or use a sub-computer even if the car on our compatibility list.