High quality black titanium bezel!

Wide Lettering and White Needle provide Better Viewing of Boost

X2B 18,900yen
X2B size

Black Titanium Bezel

High quality black titanium bezel.

Chic white needle

Chic white needle matches almost any interior.

Wide Range Dial

Positive range uses wider lettering for improved readability.

Multi-Data Display

Switch between Boost and Water Temp in the same unit.

Smooth Action

Simple coupler connection to Diagnostic monitor connector.

Smooth Action

New Controller provides needle action quick and smooth.

Peak Hold

Save and display peak reading (only Water Temp).

Compatible Car Models

For details, see the Fitting List.

Please read the following before purchasing.

※1 See here for more about using in conjunction with other OBD2 connected products.
※2 The display will not work properly and hence is incompatible if either of the following is the case:
  1. The ECU is different from the standard for that model.
  2. If a sub-computer is being used.
※3 Due to the ECU information received, the displayed values on this product may differ from those of standard or other meters.
※4 By disconnecting the minus battery cable terminal or the connector it is possible to erase all peak readings.